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a true treasure trove that has a perfect something for every occasion. Quality cards, beautiful gifts and elegant jewellery, as well as an extensive range of religious items, you’ll find everything you need under one roof, and at a price that suits your pocket. We also offer a range of professional services.

As Munster's largest wedding stationery supplier, we have helped many a bride and groom walk down the aisle with a smile. Our film processing service is competitively priced and efficiently delivered. We also offer a full In Memoriam service and pride ourselves on ensuring customers are treated with the utmost compassion during a very difficult time.


Free parking offer - Spring 2014

The Cork City Council free parking promotion applies between February 8 and March 15, 2014. See details below.

Place Day Time
Paul Street multi-storey car park Thursday to Saturday 10am to 12 noon
North Main St. multi-storey car park Thursday to Saturday 10am to 12 noon
Black Ash Park & Ride Saturday All day


Baby blankets & embroidery

Personalised baby blankets and embroidery services are now available in our shop.


Personalised candles

Personalised candles for Baby's 1st Christmas, Christening and other occasions can now be ordered in our shop. See our Gifts page for more gift ideas.


First Holy Communion and Confirmation souvenirs

Our First Holy Communion and Confirmation souvenirs are now in stock. See our Religious page for Communion and Confirmation gift ideas. To see the full range, drop into our shop or call us on 021 427 63 87 for more details - either way, we'll be happy to be of service.





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